6 reasons to buy tea from the Buytea Online Store

by Gujarat Tea Processors and Packers Limited on Mar 29, 2023

6 reasons to buy tea from the Buytea Online Store

Tea is a beverage that has been loved for centuries by people of all ages. And the numbers speak for themselves, when it comes to India’s love for tea. During the year 2022, the volume of tea consumed in India was approximately 1.2 billion kilograms! And this consumption has only increased throughout the years. by Wagh Bakri tea group is one such online store where you can buy a premium range of tea online, no matter where in India. So, here’s the tea on what makes, one of the best online tea stores!

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Premium products

Wagh Bakri never compromises the taste and quality of its tea. The brand is best known for picking the finest tea leaves from renowned tea-growing regions across the country to provide their customers with the best taste. These tea leaves are used to create our signature unique blends, which are personally tasted and evaluated in our taste test labs by our tasters, including the Directors of the company. From planting to growing and manufacturing tea, everything is minutely checked by tea experts to provide an invigorating and distinctive taste to each blend.

Making, undoubtedly one of the finest online tea shops for every customer who looks for a premium taste in their tea.

Wide variety of products

With chai evolving into multitudes of tea, people tend to have their own favourites. From the different types of teas – black, green, white – to variations in one type based on the flavours, taste and aroma. offers an array of teas for every tea lover. From the soothing vegetal flavours of green tea, to the spicy flavours of masala tea, to the convenience of instant tea.

A true tea lover can easily search for their favourite tea from the plethora of options. This wide variety of tea selections is yet one more reason as to why is one of the best online tea stores in India.

Sustainable brand is committed to working for the environment. The brand’s organic teas, like the Organic Darjeeling Green Tea and Wagh Bakri Organic CTC Leaf Tea, source tea from sustainable and ethical suppliers and tea farmers. This encourages farmers to promote sustainable agricultural practices and use organic methods in cultivating tea leaves. These tea leaves are grown through eco-friendly methods without the use of harmful agrochemicals, pesticides, fertilisers and plant regulators. The brand also supports local communities and promotes fair trade.

One of the sustainable tea gardens in Assam, India

all you organic tea lovers can enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea while knowing that this conscious choice is also contributing to the health of the environment. buy delicious Indian teas online today and start contributing! 

Legacy of 100 years

As one of India’s largest processors and exporters of tea, Wagh Bakri tea enjoys a celebrated legacy of 100 years.

Started back in the year 1892, the brand has been selling unique blends of tea leaves picked across India. With their vast experience and expertise, the brand has always managed to maintain consistency in the tastes of their classic blends, while creating new products like Haldi Doodh and Instant premixes for tea and coffee. The brand today has more than 40 million kgs of tea distribution in India!

Legacy of 100 years
Parag Desai, Rasesh Desai and Paras Desai with Priyam Parikh | Image: Mexy Xavier

No wonder, Wagh Bakri tea and their online store have countless tea lovers vouching for them across the world. 

Delivery to your doorstep!

Unlike an offline tea store, lets you purchase your favourite green, black or masala tea, right from the comfort of your home, while sipping tea! A few clicks and the tea is delivered right to your doorstep, saving consumers both time and money. Moreover, provides free delivery on orders over Rs.499 with the option of paying online.

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More than just TEA!

What to have with tea? Snacks! online in India gives every customer an option to enjoy ‘snactivity’ with a hot steaming cup of tea. Snacks like different types of Bhakhri, chips and party mixes.

Moreover, the website also provides customers with tea accessories along with premium tea. Accessories like the vacuum insulation cup and flask are perfect for taking your tea-on-the-go, while the infuser glass kettle is for tea connoisseurs to up their team brewing game.

Now that you know that delicious Indian teas are available online, what are you waiting for? Shop today from the best online tea store, and enjoy the convenience of buying tea online in India.