Did you buy green tea online? Make it a part of your daily routine!

by Wagh Bakri on Mar 29, 2023

Did you buy green tea online? Make it a part of your daily routine!

When it comes to a refreshing drink that can be used for so much more than JUST DRINKING, look no further than green tea. A refreshing beverage that can be used in different ways all day long. So here we are, the tea experts from Wagh Bakri with a compilation of the many things one can do with green tea, that are more than drinking.

But first, one should know about all the flavours that are currently available in the supermarkets and online stores as well. A brand like Wagh Bakri offers Green tea Classic, Mint, Tulsi, Honey Lemon, Vedic Wellbeing and Shudh Kahwa to its customers. So, experiment with different types of green tea flavours and brewing methods to find your favourite green tea online. One can easily buy green tea online at Wagh Bakri’s online store. And if you already have green tea at your place, grab a cup as we are getting started!

Green tea over sugary drinks

Be it lazy mornings or your evening wind-down routine, swap your cup of coffee with a hot cup of green tea. During winter, brew a cup of hot green tea and enjoy with a slice of lemon, honey or a mint sprig for added flavour. In summer, you can enjoy a refreshing iced green tea by brewing the tea and adding ice and sliced fruit. You can also make green tea-infused smoothies for a healthy and refreshing drink. Or maybe you are the kind who likes to sip a cup while reading your favourite book, bingeing on your favourite tv show, or even while at work. Because green tea is all you need to feel refreshed!

NOTE: Excess of anything can be harmful. Hence, do not have more than two-to-three cups a day.

Green tea for cooking!

You can drink and EAT this tea! Be it as the main flavouring ingredient of a dessert or as a dressing, green tea is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It can be used to infuse liquids like milk, cream and water. This infusion can be used in a variety of recipes to prepare custards, ice creams, cakes, cookies and even savoury dishes such as soups. Even matcha powder, a powder made from grounded green tea leaves, can add a unique tinge to your baked goods. Green tea can also be used as a flavouring for everyday food items such as in rice, oatmeal or yoghurt.

Sauces and dressings: Green tea can be used to make flavourful sauces and dressings for salads, vegetables, and proteins. Mix green tea with ingredients such as olive oil, honey, lemon juice and soy sauce for a delicious dressing or sauce. And when mixed with soy sauce, ginger, garlic and honey, green tea makes for a delicious marinade or dressing.

Smoothies and drinks: You can use green tea to make delicious smoothies and drinks, such as green tea lattes, smoothies, and iced teas. Simply brew green tea, chill it and blend it with your favourite fruits or other ingredients.

NOTE: It's best to consult with a healthcare professional before making any major changes in your diet!

Green tea for your garden

Many of us love to spend time in our home garden. But did you know that green tea leaves act as a natural fertiliser or manure? If not, now you do!

You can spread a thin layer of green tea leaves around the base of the plants. But always focus on acid-friendly plants, such as roses, tomatoes or blueberries.

NOTE: Be mindful that not all plants may like the natural acidity of tea leaves, so ensure that you understand the plant's needs before using tea as compost.

Green tea for freshness!

Green tea can be used as a natural and eco-friendly room freshener due to its pleasant aroma and antioxidant properties. Let us help you do that! Buy green tea bags online and brew 2-3 tea bags in 2 full cups of water for 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags and let the tea cool down. Now pour the green tea into a spray bottle and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to it. This adds fragrance to the solution but is totally optional. Shake the bottle and mix it well. Now spray the mixture around any room as and when needed. This can also be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Always remember to shake the bottle well before using it.

Wagh Bakri offers a wide range of green tea online in India and outside India as well. So what are you waiting for? Buy green tea online and start using it in your daily life!