1. How can I know the status of my order(s)? 

    a). Registered users can check the order details by clicking on "My Orders".
    b). Next page will show you all your existing and previous orders placed during the past 3 months. To view older orders, you may select the Start & End Date and click on "Go".
    c). Click on the Order ID you want to know about.
    d). Guest users can check the order details by clicking on "Track Order".
    e). Enter your Email Address and the Order ID and click on "Track" button below.
    f). You can review your order details on the next page.

  2. Why have I not received my product yet? 

    a). Mostly, all the orders are shipped from our end as per the promised shipment date; however, there may be some unforeseen circumstances, which may affect the shipment or the delivery estimates. In this case, we’ll send an e-mail, intimating you about the issue and the revised shipment/delivery date.
    You can also see the order status by clicking on "My Account" at the top right corner of the page.

  3. How does buytea.com pack items? 

    a). Don't worry. All items are carefully packaged to avoid any form of damage. We ensure the packaging is considering all the circumstances. 

  4. What if I find my package opened or tampered upon delivery? 

    a). Please don't accept an open or tampered package. Notify us of the same on our email ASAP. 

  5. How do I take advantage of FREE shipping? 

    a). We provide free delivery on orders valued at Rs. 499 or more.
    b). Generally, a shipping charge of Rs. 60 will apply if your product cart value is less than Rs. 499.
    c). For some special product or order, handling fees may still apply.
    d). You will not receive FREE shipping on your order if any eligible items are canceled, bringing the total below Rs. 499.
    e). Cancelling items, combining orders, or changing your shipping address, speed, or preference might affect your order's eligibility for Free Shipping.
    f). Delivery time may be affected in case of an address change on an order which has already been shipped.
    g). We reserve the right to change or discontinue FREE Shipping at any time.