Tips for enjoying instant tea while travelling

by Wagh Bakri on May 15, 2024

a traveller holding a teacup

Have you ever been stuck in a foreign country without chai? Sounds scary, right? Well, that’s why you should carry instant tea premix wherever you go. But wait, that’s not all, there are more things to worry about, how to keep your tea hot, what if your tea spills on your clothes or even worse, how to find your favourite chai snack while travelling? Well, if you want to save yourself from such scary situations, read on!

Travelling can sometimes be a headache. Between arriving at the airport on time and then finding your way through an unfamiliar city, even a fun trip can get exhausting. This is where a steaming cup of instant masala tea may save you from exhaustion and be the perfect travel buddy on your adventure.

In this blog, we’ll give you some helpful tips on how you can enjoy your beloved instant elaichi tea and instant ginger tea to create a memorable experience out of it. Grab your cups and follow along dear tea lovers!

Table of contents

  1. Choose the Best Quality Tea
  2. Hot Tea, Anywhere
  3. Your cup of tea
  4. Chai + Snack = Made for each other
  5. Brew Connections
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the Best Quality Tea

To make the tea that tastes of home and soothes your soul, choosing the right instant tea is important. You can buy tea online in various flavours like masala, ginger, elaichi and guess what, even instant cappuccino coffee!

While selecting the tea, don't forget to check out the best tea brands in India to find travel-friendly packets. These will keep your tea fresh and won’t take up much space in your backpack. Here are some factors to consider while choosing your travel buddy:

  • Taste: You’re far away from home, so you need a tea that can remind you of home no matter in which corner of the world you are.
  • Flavour: Pick the one which is your favourite.
  • Packaging: Be extra careful in this matter, you don’t want tea mix spread all over your clothes when you open your suitcase.
  • Packaging: Be extra careful in this matter, you don’t want tea mix spread all over your clothes when you open your suitcase.

Hot Tea, Anywhere

How to keep your tea hot while travelling? Well, this is a major challenge that many people face. Enter Vacuum Flask and viola! Your entire tea drinking experience will change. A vacuum flask keeps liquids hot for hours. So no need to worry about hot water. And once you make the tea, no need to worry about storing it as well. You can simply store it in the flask and sip on hot tea for hours!

Try to look for flasks that are small and lightweight, this will help you keep your bag light, and your trip fun.

vacuum flask against a forest background
Keep your tea piping hot, all day long!

Your cup of tea

Don't forget to carry cups, spoons and some tissues with you to make your tea-making process smooth. Having these essentials ensures that you can make your tea in the most unlikely of places! Cups to drink your tea peacefully, tissues for when you spill it, and spoon to mix it conveniently. Here are two types of cups you can go for:

  • Travel mugs: Insulated mugs made from stainless steel or ceramic are perfect for keeping your tea warm on the go. They come in various sizes and with leak-proof lids.
  • Disposable cups: While not ideal for everyday use, disposable cups made from paper or biodegradable materials can be handy in a pinch. This will make the tea experience great for you but also for the planet.

Chai + Snack = Made for each other

Isn’t it always better to have your tea while munching on some snacks? Munching on something delicious alongside your steaming cup not only helps curb hunger pangs but also adds another layer of flavour and texture to your chai break. More than anything else, your preferred snacks will make you comfortable even in a foreign land. From classic biscuits to other sweet and savoury delights, here's a variety of travel-friendly snacks to consider for your next trip:

  • Biscuits: Don’t we love them with our tea? Carry those cream or salty ones that you love having every day.
  • Bhakri: Nothing beats our desi snacks! Carry your favourite bhakri to have with some instant elaichi tea to feel right at home.
  • Nuts: A quick and convenient snack to have with your chai.
chai with snacks
Grab a bite, it's break time!

Brew Connections

Friends sharing a cup of tea
Make friends over tea!

While you are on a journey, talk and interact with people, be it other tourists like you or the locals. Having friendly conversations over a shared cup of instant ginger tea is a great way to connect with people and exchange stories. It’s a great way to learn more about the culture of that place and who knows, maybe they'll tell you about the secret local spots to visit.

In case you are not comfortable interacting with people, you can always grab your diary or a copy of your favourite book to enjoy the journey.


While these are some hacks to enjoy your instant premix tea, remember that travelling is all about trying new things. Plan your trip and pack things that make your journey as smooth as possible. While you are at it, look out for the local tea recipes and spots as well so that you can take something of that place back with you to home.

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How to drink tea while travelling?

It’s a great idea to carry some disposable cups to drink from. You can go for recyclable or reusable cups to be environmentally friendly. Vacuum flasks are also a great option to carry hot tea with you on your trips.

How to make tea on a road trip?

To make tea readily in a few steps, use instant premix tea. Just empty the powder in a cup and pour hot water on it. Stir it and your instant tea is ready!

How to make tea time more enjoyable?

You can make your tea time interesting by having some yummy snacks along with it. You can also play some games or books to pass the time. While travelling, it can be fun to engage in meaningful conversations with the people you meet on the journey.