5 reasons why Instant Tea Premixes are the best!

by Wagh Bakri on Nov 09, 2023

A flavorful blend of instant masala, elaichi, ginger tea perfect for a quick and convenient beverage option

As soon as winter walks in, all you want to do is curl up into a cosy blanket, while sipping from a warm cup of your favourite type of Indian tea.

Present in all tea stores in India, tea has been a significant part of our shared culture, available in different types, flavours, textures and prepared by varying methods. So much so that the yearly consumption rose over 89% during fiscal 2020-2021. It is not a stretch to say that tea is more than just brewed leaves and spices, it is a mood freshener, a stress reliever and a wholesome cup full of life!

But the tea we know today has evolved through various forms to suit our ever-changing lifestyles. As the world moves towards an “always on” active way of life, that leisure time with tea has become even more precious. And while making tea takes a considerable amount of time, you can increase your “sipping time” by reducing the “making time”.

Enter instant tea premixes! Now you could do it the old school way, buying spiced tea online, and then measuring, simmering, brewing, before enjoying a hot cup. Or when time is of the essence, switch to instant tea premixes!

Instant Tea Premix: The new elixir of life

Instant tea premix is a blended powder of tea extract, natural flavours and essential spices, along with dairy whitener and sugar, depending on the premix. Available in different types of Indian tea flavours, as well as exotic flavours, this ready-to-go mix can turn into aromatic tea in under one minute.

All you need to do is get a premix tea pack from a tea store in India, add some hot water and enjoy a relaxing sip of your favourite tea. Of course, you can always add more milk, sugar and additional spices.

If you are already dreaming about the rich aroma of your favourite tea, head to Wagh Bakri to shop our instant tea premixes and to buy spiced tea online.

A table with tea and cookies beside a coffee cup.

The Instant Benefits of using premixed tea

All good things take time, they say. However, with instant tea premixes, good things that are healthy and flavourful can be ready in no time. Explore the top 5 benefits of using an instant tea mix:

  1. Less Preparation Time

    For every tea lover, there is no fixed time for tea. You may need it at 11 in the morning while trying to meet deadlines or at home in the evening while relaxing with your partner.

    Either way, everyone wishes to cut down the preparation time as much as possible. Instant tea premixes are the way to do that! Just get the premix pack, mix it in hot water and relish a cupful of fine aroma and perfect taste within 1 minute.

  2. More economical choice

    Tea premix is a blend of tea extracts with sugar, milk, spices and added flavours which makes it a more economical choice than buying all the mentioned ingredients separately.

    Additionally, most instant premix tea comes in the form of individual sachets. So one can easily prepare the exact number of tea cups required making it a more economical choice as you can consume tea as per your needs and comfort.

  3. Easy to carry, store and dispose

    Do you crave tea at the oddest of moments? Perhaps in the middle of a super busy work day or while out on a long road trip. Instant tea premixes can come to ayour rescue in all these situations!

    Owning to their mindful portion packaging, they can effortlessly fit everywhere, from emergency travel pouches to small compartments in your office bag. In addition to this, tea premixes are durable and can be stored easily at home and in offices for consumption.

    To buy spiced tea premix online or from a tea store also means not having to worry about tea leaf disposal. As there are no remains of tea powder to be thrown after the tea is made.

  4. Best for surprise guests

    Imagine your friends or family surprise-visiting your place. And either the sugar or spices or sometimes even milk(!) for your favourite tea recipe is missing. In such circumstances, tea premixes come handy.

    They are good for emergencies as even without any other raw materials available, you can prepare the tea, while enjoying our conversation with your guests, instead of getting all worked up in the kitchen. Your guests still enjoy the fine flavours and aroma of different types of Indian tea. Just add hot water and stir the mixture before serving.

    Next time when you have surprise visits, remember with Wagh Bakri instant tea premixes, you have nothing to worry about.

  5. Wide range of tea

    Masala chai is great for regular days, but what if you wanted to try a different flavour? Like elaichi, ginger, lemongrass and even saffron! Instead of having to source these ingredients for your tea, get the same authentic home made taste with tea premix.

    Everything from the classic cardamom, ginger or masala to rich flavours of saffron, tea premixes are available in a wide range of flavours covering almost all types of Indian tea. Wagh Bakri tea provides premium and unique flavorful tea mixes.

What are the types of Indian Tea Premixes?

Wagh Bakri offers 11 unique and healthy tea premix options along with a premium Haldi Doodh instant premix and 2 coffee premixes. These are available online and in multiple stores across India. You can choose a regular premix or a premix with no added sugar from Saffron Tea, Express Tea, Elaichi, Ginger, and LemonGrass Tea Premix flavours.

So the next time you are looking for an instant mood and mind refresher in the office or need that rush of energy to jump-start your system in a healthy way, all you need is a hot cup of water and an instant tea premix. Shop instant premixes at and get it delivered right to your doorstep. And if you are planning to start your journey to good health, you can also buy green tea online from Wagh Bakri.