Why is Assam tea considered the best?

by Wagh Bakri on Sep 21, 2023

A red colour packets of Assam tea bags

Imagine sitting amidst lush green mountains when suddenly the air wraps you in a strong earthy aroma of tea gardens. Welcome to Assam, where every tea leaf carries tales of flavours and rich history. Join us on a journey in this blog to uncover the enchantment that makes Assam Tea a universal favourite among tea connoisseurs.

Table of Contents

  1. Bold flavour
  2. Rich colour
  3. Distinct notes
  4. Inviting aroma
  5. Versatility
  6. Cultural significance
  7. Convenience
  8. Wagh Bakri Assam Teas
  9. Conclusion
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

History of Assam Tea

Assam, northeastern state of India, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, pleasant climate and tourist destinations. However, what sets it apart is its significant contribution to tea production. Presently, Assam produces almost 700 million kilograms of tea every year, contributing to half of India's total tea output. This has earned Assam the nickname "tea estate."

Tea pickers picking tea leaves
Assam-the tea estate of India

But, have you ever wondered who first discovered Assam tea? Let's go back to the 18th century. In 1823, it was Robert Bruce who first stumbled upon tea plants in the Upper Brahmaputra Valley. Little did he realise that this discovery would lead to a remarkable legacy of tea that is savoured worldwide. Maniram Dutta Barua, an Assamese nobleman in British India informed Bruce about tea trees cultivated by the Singpho people due to their close connection with them. The drink was called "Phanap" by the Singpho people. Interestingly, back then, the word "tea" had not yet come into use.

The Bruce brothers were intrigued and wanted to learn more about these leaves and established a significant tea plantation in Chabua, Upper Assam, in 1837. The name "Chabua" is believed to be derived from the area where the first tea was made – "cha" meaning tea and "bua" meaning plant. For over 200 years now, Assam has been supplying tea to half of India.

What makes Assam tea the best

Bold flavour

Assam tea stands out for its full-bodied flavour profile, setting it apart from other teas. It is notably strong in taste and its robustness makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a hearty cup of tea.

Rich colour

When brewed, Assam tea produces a deep, reddish-brown blend that is visually appealing. The colour adds to the overall sensory experience of drinking the tea.

Distinct notes

Its unique malty notes give it a character and depth that appeals to many people. It often has a brisk quality, which refers to the slight astringency or briskness that you may feel on your palate. In contrast, Wagh Bakri green tea offers a different taste experience altogether.

Inviting aroma

Assam tea boasts a rich and earthy aroma that is very comforting and it enhances the overall tea-drinking experience. It evokes images of fertile soil and the lush tea gardens of the Assam region.


This tea can be enjoyed on its own or with milk and sweeteners, making it versatile and suitable for various preferences. This is one of the best Wagh Bakri India tea as it can also be enjoyed with any snack.

Cultural significance

Assam tea is deeply ingrained in the culture of the region. It holds a special place in Indian hospitality. Moreover, the vast tea estates in Assam are not just places of employment; they are entire communities where generations have lived and worked. The tea gardens are central to the identity and livelihoods of many Assamese people.


Assam tea is widely available in various forms, including loose leaf, tea bags and pre-packaged blends. This accessibility makes it easy for people to enjoy.

Wagh Bakri Assam Teas’

Wagh Bakri has stood as a legacy brand for more than 100 years, driven by a commitment to innovation and diversification to suit the changing taste preferences of customers. This dedication has led to the introduction of a variety of new tea offerings. Among them, Wagh Bakri Assam tea is their special collection along with Wagh Bakri ice tea and Wagh Bakri instant tea.

Wagh Bakri’s Premium Assam tea bags

Wagh Bakri’s Premium Assam tea bags are like a perfect sip of nostalgia, bringing the true taste of Assam to your cup. As you brew this tea, the rich amber colour starts to infuse your cup and the aroma, it’s like your free ticket to the beautiful Assam tea gardens. Now as you take your first sip, that malty taste dances on your taste buds, leaving you feeling refreshed and totally alert! It’s like a friendly wake-up call in a cup. And the best part? It comes in convenient tea bags, making them your favourite travel companion. Whether you are on a road trip or just heading to work, Wagh Bakri’s got your back!

An orange colour tea box.
Wagh Bakri premium Assam tea bags

Wagh Bakri’s good morning Assam tea!

Speaking of mornings, say hello to Wagh Bakri’s good morning Assam tea! The personal cheerleader for your sleepy self. This tea brings brisk, strong and malty flavours to your cup, giving the boost you need to kickstart your day. And guess what? The convenience is here again to save the day! No more fumbling with loose leaves, just grab a bag and go! But, hey we know everyone’s got their unique taste buds, so if you’re more into sweet and nutty flavours we have Wagh Bakri gourmet tea for you.

Box of Wagh Bakri Good Morning Assam Tea
Wagh Bakri Good Morning Assam Tea

Brewing a perfect cup of Assam Tea

Since we are already talking about Wagh Bakri Assam tea, let's know how to brew that perfect cup using Wagh Bakri Assam tea bags. Follow the steps and ta-da it’s ready:

  1. Place the Wagh Bakri Assam tea bag in a cup.
  2. Pour hot water (100 degrees Celsius) over it.
  3. Allow to infuse for 1-2 minutes. Dip the tea bag a few more times.
  4. It is best served with milk and sugar/honey as per your taste.


For those of you who like spices in their tea, shop Wagh Bakri spiced tea on As we conclude this aromatic journey we are reminded that Assam tea is more than a beverage- It's a celebration of flavours, a passage into history and a sensory treat passed down through generations. It's a journey that's taken us through time, allowing us to savour the essence of Assam with every cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does Assam tea taste like?

The flavour of Assam tea is robust, with malty, earthy and spicy undertones.

2) What is the colour of Assam tea?

The cup of Assam Tea is renowned for having a deep, rich amber colour.

3) Why is Assam called a tea country?

The biggest number of tea plantations are found there hence Assam is known as "a tea country".

4) What is the price of 50g Wagh Bakri Assam tea?

50g Wagh Bakri Assam tea costs Rs 65.