Sunrise to Sunset: Teas for every time of your day

by Wagh Bakri on Jan 11, 2024

A cup of tea lying on the table on the balcony in the morning and night

How many times a day do you find yourself reaching for your favourite cup to brew a comforting tea? At least three times, or maybe even more? For tea lovers, three times might just be the starting point. There's something undeniably delightful about beginning your day with a warm cup of your favourite tea, savouring the aroma, letting the flavours burst in your mouth and wrapping up your day with that same beloved cup.

And with the multitude of tea options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Fear not, though, for here's a handy guide to help you choose the perfect Wagh Bakri tea for each time of day.

Table of contents

  1. Morning Teas
  2. Afternoon Teas
  3. Evening Teas
  4. Bedtime Teas
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Morning Teas

Some people wake up to a blissful, fresh start, anticipating new adventures and accomplishments and going forward with positivity. Others prefer a slow, sluggish start, taking their time to gear up for the day ahead. Regardless of your morning routine, one thing connects us all – starting the day with a comforting cup of tea. And for that, we've got Wagh Bakri chai to match your preference.

Teas for Early Risers

Green tea

For those who greet the early morning with a desire for a refreshing and invigorating start, Wagh Bakri green tea bags are an excellent choice. Whether you fancy the sweet notes of honey or the invigorating freshness of mint leaves, Wagh Bakri green tea bags are available in seven delightful flavours, there's a flavour to suit your taste. Take a refreshing sip to start your day. For added convenience, it comes in tea bags – just steep in hot water, add the bag and enjoy a revitalising cup of green tea.

Black tea

For the devoted early risers seeking a robust and bold start to their day, Black tea offers a compelling choice. The rich, malty character of black tea, carefully packaged in these tea bags, delivers a hearty and invigorating brew. The deep amber hue and full-bodied flavour profile make each sip a bold awakening, perfectly suited for those who relish the stronger, more pronounced notes in their morning cup. Let the bold taste of black tea set the tone for an energetic and spirited beginning to your day.

Teas for Slow Risers

It's around 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. You've just stretched your arms and let out a big yawn, still tempted to crawl back into bed. But alas, duty calls and you need to kickstart your day and head to work. The dilemma? No time to brew, boil and savour a cup of tea. Enter Wagh Bakri Tea, your saviour for those slow-to-rise mornings.

Good morning premium tea

Indeed, a good morning awaits you with our premium tea blend. Good morning Premium Tea is a fusion of the finest teas from around the world: Assam tea from India, Kenyan tea from Africa and Sri Lankan tea. Each contributes its unique flavour to every cup. Assam tea brings briskness and a malty flavour, Sri Lankan tea adds a mellow touch and Kenyan tea introduces a sweet and robust flavour. As you sip, let the burst of flavours in your mouth create a perfect and pleasant start to your morning.

Blue-coloured tea packet
A cup of Good Morning wishes

Instant tea premix

Amid our fast-paced modern lives, we're often caught up in the rat race. For those of us who aren't early birds and find it challenging to whip up a cup of tea and breakfast, we've got a solution – our instant tea premix. It's perfect for busy tea lovers. Simply pour the premix into hot water, give it a good stir and voila – your tea is ready to be enjoyed. The best part? It comes in four delicious flavours: masala, ginger, elaichi, saffron and lemongrass. Buy tea online and find your favourite.

Here's a little tip: You can even take the instant premix packet to your office if you're not a fan of office tea.

Afternoon Teas

Iced Tea (During Summer)

When the afternoon laziness hits after lunch, treat yourself to a chilled glass of iced tea. Whether you crave the zesty kick of lemon, the rejuvenating sweetness of peach, the tanginess of orange or the sweetness of cranberry, our ice teas are the ideal treat for your taste buds. These cool concoctions not only tantalise your taste buds but also offer a refreshing burst of energy.

Masala Tea (During Winter)

On chilly afternoons in winter, especially after a good lunch, there's nothing quite like a comforting cup of masala tea to warm you up. As you take that first sip, you can feel the zing of ginger, the spiciness of clove and cardamom, the sweetness of elaichi and cinnamon and the nutty flavour of nutmeg envelop your taste buds. Packed with 7 refreshing spices, this tea not only tastes great but also gives you a nice energy boost.

Evening Teas

Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea

After a long and demanding day, there's nothing like winding down with a well-deserved break and a comforting cup of Wagh Bakri Premium tea leaves. Handpicked from the finest tea gardens and skillfully blended by tea experts, it promises a taste that is beyond ordinary teas. The rich, full-bodied flavour unfolds with each sip, offering a harmonious blend of robustness and sophistication. Whether you prefer it with a splash of milk or a hint of sweetness, Wagh Bakri Premium tea leaves create a moment of indulgence and relaxation, making your evening tea a highlight to look forward to.

Assam Tea

Elevate your evening break with the indulgent taste of Assam tea. With a heritage of over a century, Assam Tea Bags by Wagh Bakri boast exceptional quality, each carefully curated to offer a taste that resonates with boldness and richness. Harvested from the renowned Assam tea gardens, the full-bodied flavour of this brew, coupled with a distinct malty essence, provides a comforting and indulgent experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or with a splash of milk, the Wagh Bakri Premium Assam tea bags make for a perfect evening companion.

An orange-coloured tea packet
From tea gardens to cup

Bedtime Teas

Tranquil berry tea

As the day draws to a close, there's no better way to embrace the tranquillity of bedtime than with a soothing cup of Wagh Bakri's Tranquil Berry tea. After navigating through the challenges of a long day, this unique blend, featuring the robust essence of black tea infused with the tropical tanginess of hibiscus, offers a delightful farewell to the day. The warm, comforting notes and the gentle sweetness of berries create a serene harmony, making it the perfect nightcap for relaxation.

Rose blush tea

Cap off the day's endeavours with the enchanting blend of Wagh Bakri's Rose Blush tea. It is a premium blend of flavours, featuring the vegetal notes of green tea, subtle sweetness of liquorice, the gentle floral notes of rose petals, the aromatic essence of fennel, a hint of pepper for a touch of warmth. Each sip becomes a calming journey, guiding you towards a tranquil bedtime.

Cup of Tranquil berry tea
Berry Bliss for the night


Here's to a day filled with tea, From the brisk flavours of morning black tea to the calming whispers of rose blush tea at night, savour every sip. Here's to more tea-filled adventures, cosy moments and joy in every gentle clink of your mug. Until our next tea talk, steep in the warmth of your tea cup.

NOTE: Excess of any tea is not recommended.

Frequently asked questions

1) Which is the best tea in India?

Wagh Bakri tea stands out as one of the best in India, boasting a legacy of over a century. Renowned for its exceptional quality, it features hand picked tea leaves from the finest gardens, ensuring a rich and authentic brew that transcends time.

2) What kind of tea is good in the morning?

For a vibrant morning kick, Wagh Bakri green tea offers a refreshing burst of antioxidants. If you crave robustness, Wagh Bakri Premium leaf tea stands as a hearty and energising choice to start your day.

3) What is the best tea to drink at night?

For a delightful night-time experience, the Tranquil Berry tea, with its soothing blend of black tea and tropical hibiscus tanginess, or the Rose Blush tea, featuring green tea, liquorice, and rose petals, offer calming and flavourful choices, making them excellent options for unwinding before bedtime.