Green tea brewing guide: Everything you need to know

by Wagh Bakri on Oct 25, 2023

Green tea in a glass cup on the table

Too bitter, too grassy, too tasteless... brewing green tea might seem like a challenge to some. But only tea lovers know what it's like to crave that perfect cup of tea and go to great lengths to get it. If you agree to this, then this blog is for you!

The tea connoisseurs of Wagh Bakri will guide you through the steps, share some tips and help you unlock the secret to brewing a cup of green tea that you desire. And before we start you can buy green tea online on so that you have premium green tea to try after you read this blog.

Get ready to sip your way to perfection!

Table of contents

  1. Choose the right type of green tea
  2. Measure the right amount of tea leaves
  3. Add the tea leaves to the strainer
  4. Heat water to the ideal temperature
  5. Steep for the recommended time
  6. Green tea brewing tips
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Things you’ll need to brew green tea with leaves.

Choose the right type of green tea

There are different types of green tea available in the market, each with its own unique flavour and aroma. Choose premium tea and buy organic green tea online in India.

Measure the right amount of tea leaves

Take one teaspoon of loose Wagh Bakri green tea leaves for one cup. More than one cup of tea will need one teaspoon of green tea leaves each cup.

Add the tea leaves to the strainer

Take the loose tea leaves and keep them in the strainer or the sieve. Keep it aside and move on to the next step.

Image of green tea strainer or sieve
A green tea sieve

Heat water to the ideal temperature

Take a container and add water to it and keep the gas on only till the water turns hot. As soon as water starts boiling, turn off the gas. The ideal water temperature is between 80 and 85 degrees Celsius.

Steep for the recommended time

Keep the strainer in a cup and pour the water into the cup. Steep the green tea for only 2-3 minutes. If the tea is kept beyond this time or if the water is over 90°C, the tea turns grassy and bitter in taste.

Remove the strainer & enjoy!

Wagh Bakri Infuser Glass Kettle

If you are unable to find a strainer or sieve, just visit and shop for Infuser Glass Kettle by Wagh Bakri under the teaware section. Steep your favourite flavour green tea in this infuser easily!

Image of Wagh Bakri Infuser Glass Kettle

A green tea sieve

Green tea brewing tips

  1. Maintain a water-to-tea ratio of 5:3. This means that if you want to create 3 grams of green tea, you will need 0 .14 litre of water.
  2. The right water temperature is important. If the water is too cool, the entire flavour of the tea's leaves will not be extracted; if the water is too hot, the tea will be too bitter and its delicate smell will be lost.
  3. Do not steep green tea for longer than three to four minutes, the flavour will change to bitter and grassy.
  4. Do not let the tea sit for too long.
  5. Do not reuse green tea bags.


Now that you've mastered the art of making green tea, your tea time just got a whole lot exciting! With these simple steps, every cup you brew will be amazing. Explore Wagh Bakri green tea collection consisting of Honey lemon green tea, Vedic well-being green tea, Mint green tea, Natural green tea, Tulsi green tea, Green tea leaf and Shudh Kahwa green tea.

Green tea collection by Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri collection of green tea

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I drink green tea without boiling?

Yes, you can. Instead of boiling it, use hot water.

2) Can I add milk to green tea?

Yes, you can put milk in the green tea.

3) Is honey good in green tea?

Yes, it will enhance the taste of your green tea.

4) Which green tea is best?

Wagh Bakri green tea collection offers premium taste with handpicked tea leaves. You just need to order online from the comfort of your home and enjoy the taste!