Best morning teas to help you jumpstart your day

by Wagh Bakri on Jul 17, 2023

An image of a woman holding a cup of tea in the early hours of the morning.

Are you tired of hitting the snooze button one too many times, stumbling through your mornings like a sleep-deprived zombie? Well, worry no more! We have just the secret potion to awaken your senses, revive your mind and set you on the path to a productive day ahead. Introducing the undisputed champions of morning rituals: the best morning teas!

At times, the act of sipping a warm beverage can be soothing and provide a sense of comfort or routine. It may serve as a gentle transition from sleep to wakefulness, allowing you to ease into your day. Furthermore, the flavour and fragrance of the tea can be enhanced, offering a subtle uplift in energy levels.

Table of contents

1) Spiced Tea

2) Green Tea

3) Black Tea

4) Oolong Tea

5) Matcha Tea

6) Herbal Tea

7) Conclusion

8) FAQ’s

Spiced Tea

Classic masala or spiced tea is a beloved beverage that holds an irreplaceable spot in the hearts of tea enthusiasts worldwide. Its robust flavour and invigorating aroma make it among the perfect morning teas to start a refreshing day. With hints of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, it offers a delightful symphony of sweetness and earthiness. Ginger adds a lingering warmth while the smooth tea acts as a comforting canvas, allowing the spices to dance on the taste buds.

This enchanting blend awakens the senses and energises you every morning. Whether enjoyed alone or with loved ones, it embraces you like a gentle sunrise, filling you with warmth! You can buy Indian tea online at!

An image of masala chai placed on a wooden table beside spices like cardamom, ginger and cinnamon.

Sip on the aromatic bliss of masala chai.

Green tea

When the morning sun bathes the world in its gentle glow, the light, grassy aroma of green tea invigorates every spirit. Unlike its counterparts, green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, providing a gentle boost to you without the jitters associated with other caffeinated beverages. The first sip reveals its delicate flavour that lingers on the tongue, followed by a delightful blend of vegetal, earthy and slightly nutty notes.

This is one of the morning teas that sets the stage for an energised morning ritual, ensuring a calm and focused start to the day. You can buy online green tea on to set that perfect morning routine!

An image of green tea in a cup placed on a wooden table.

Experience serenity in a cup of green tea.

Black Tea

Dark colour and bold taste, black tea is often compared to coffee. Though it contains less caffeine than coffee, it can still help you power through your toughest days. The deep amber infusion tempts the buds with its strong, robust and full-bodied taste. The flavour profile of black tea is often described as brisk, with a slight bitterness, especially if brewed for an extended period. This characteristic gives it a lively sensation on the palate and adds a refreshing touch to each sip. Depending on the quality and variety of black tea, you may taste subtle notes of fruit or spice.

Black tea also works excellently as a base for ice teas to quench your thirst for something flavourful and light. You can buy ice tea online on

An image of black tea in a pot kept on a wooden surface beside dry black tea.

A comforting embrace in a swirling ebony elixir.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea might not be the first choice for many lovers of morning teas, but it certainly deserves consideration. It has a distinct and unique taste that sets it apart from other types of tea. Its pleasant earthy undertone with subtle floral and fruity notes, such as orchid, jasmine and peach, bring a delightful sweetness to the brew. Its smooth, sometimes creamy mouthfeel, makes it a versatile choice for those seeking both bold and milder options to suit their caffeine preferences.

The flavour of oolong tea can vary depending on the specific quality. You can buy gourmet tea online at and also explore our other gourmet tea options.

 An image of oolong tea in a teapot, glass and bowl.

A symphony of floral and earthy notes.

Matcha Tea

In the realm of morning pick-me-ups, few beverages rival the invigorating qualities of matcha tea. With its vibrant green hue and earthy aroma, matcha greets the senses with an immediate sense of refreshment. The vibrant yet slightly vegetal flavour, reminiscent of freshly cut grass and a hint of sweetness, dances on the taste buds, awakening the palate in the most delightful way. But, matcha tea’s magic extends beyond its flavoursome profile. One of the reasons we can have matcha as one of the morning teas is its caffeine content.

Although the exact caffeine levels may vary, a typical serving of matcha tea contains about 38-176 milligrams of caffeine, providing a gentle yet effective boost of energy. This natural energy source sets the stage for a productive day ahead.

An image of matcha tea cups along with matcha powder kept on the side.

Matcha's vibrant palette weaves a tale of inner calm.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are made by infusing tea with leaves, flowers, roots or spices. Every herb has a distinct taste when added to the tea. All of them offer soothing aroma and delicious flavours which makes them the perfect comforting beverage every morning. Lemon grass has a citrusy flavour, the rose has a subtle sweetness, Peppermint has a cool note, hibiscus has a tangy taste and ginger adds spiciness and an earthy undertone.

Wagh Bakri’s strong premium leaf tea serves as a base that can easily be used to make herbal tea by adding any herb of your choice. You can also buy instant tea online at!

NOTE: Taste may vary according to the herb’s concentration and brewing time.

An image of hot ginger tea on a marble top with ginger slices placed on the side with ginger powder.

A medley of spicy notes and a comforting embrace.


Remember, the key to a successful morning tea routine lies in finding the perfect balance between flavour, aroma and personal preferences. Experimentation and exploration are encouraged, allowing you to discover your own signature blend that brings you joy and sets the tone for a fulfilling day.

So, whether you prefer a strong cup of Indian spiced tea or a fragrant infusion of gourmet teas, incorporating a morning tea ritual into your daily routine can help you widen your smile every morning.


1) Which tea is best for mornings?

Black tea is a popular choice for an energising start to the day. Known for its robust flavour, it boasts a higher caffeine content compared to other teas, containing roughly half the amount found in a typical cup of coffee. You can buy black tea from!

2) Which herbal teas are for early morning?

Herbal teas such as peppermint, hibiscus and ginger are great options for early mornings. You can buy your choice of tea from and add your preferred herb to it to savour its flavour.

3) What is morning tea for?

Tea like Green tea, matcha tea and black tea can give you a gentle boost of energy. They contain varying levels of caffeine and can be good options for morning teas. You can buy these teas from!